Tie Dye Shirts Bulk


If you are planning a group event, you probably want matching tie dye shirts for your team. It does not matter if you are having a group sport event or if you are having a community get together. Buying tie dye shirts in bulk can be a great way to make sure that everyone at your event feels included without having to pay an enormous amount. Buying in bulk can ultimately save you a lot of money. If you shop with us at Cotton Creations, you will find that we have a twelve shirt minimum to take advantage of bulk pricing. Our team is ready to help you with your order from start to finish. We can help you tweak your design so that it matches what you need it to be without charging you extra. Our helpful team is totally devoted to lending you a helping hand.

Tie Dye Shirts Bulk

There are many types of community events, personal events, and parties where tie dye printed shirts can come in handy. For example, if you know someone who is getting married, you could create custom bridal party shirts for the event. When you take the bride to be for a night out on the town, everyone can wear their shirts. Anyone who runs into on your night out will easily be able to see you are together as a group. If you are going to a club, wearing matching bridal tie dye shirts can be a way to ensure you catch the attention of the right people. You can also buy tie dye shirts for birthdays, graduations, or other special occasions. From going away parties to baby showers, tie dye printed shirts can be just the thing to make your special occasion even more creative and fun.

Suggested Tie Dye Color Matches

When you order from Cotton Creations, you will find that we offer one color and two color hurricane patterns. We have multiple color matches that go great together to create the perfect look. Our rainbow look brings bright colors together as one to create an awesome look that is nothing short of eye catching. Our swirl pattern can be consuming as you stare deep into the pattern. We suggest mixing blues with greens to create a stellar ocean theme that is truly authentic. You can also opt to mix oranges with yellows to create the appearance of a sunset. Rainbow swirl prints are popular with our customers, and the same can be said about beach swirls. We create a wide variety of color variations for you to play with until you find the perfect mixture. Don’t be afraid to try out different color matches until you find something that sticks with you.

Going Above and Beyond

At Cotton Creations, we believe in going above and beyond for our customers because we practice old fashioned business values that put the needs of our customers above anything else. Our team of experts is waiting to help you design a quality tie dye shirt.

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