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Who doesn't love a tie dye shirt? If you want to purchase unique tie dye shirts wholesale, contact the Tie Dye Wholesaler today.

Why Buy From Us?

We use only the best quality dyes on our garments. All of our dyes are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Our dyes only change the color of the cotton but nothing else. It is important to us that our manufacturing process doesn’t negatively impact the planet. We try to keep our carbon footprint small, and are always looking for ways to improve.

All of our tie dye shirts are made by skilled artisans that take pride in their work. Each tie dye shirt is unique because it is dyed by a tie dye artist and not a machine. We do customized work for our customers and can change the colors and shapes of our tie dye designs to satisfy you project needs. We have been making quality tie dye garments since 1986 and have over 200 designs from which to choose. We have several designs that are called "Easy-To-Decorate." This will allow you to add lettering if you choose.

We work with 100% cotton T-shirts. 100% cotton garments do shrink. When you buy a T-shirt from us, the shrinkage has already occurred due to the tie dying process. We do provide a guide on our site that gives you the approximate measurements after shrinkage. It is important to remember that each T-shirt will shrink differently, and our measurements are approximate only.

Can You Design A Tie Dye Shirt For Special Occasions?

Yes, we often tie dye shirts for special occasions. We have a complete line of unique tie dye shirts that can be customized so you can show off your team colors. You might want to design baseball shirts for your softball team.If you have specific colors, we have several tie dye patterns for shirts that will make your logo pop! We have tie dyed the following:

  • Baseball Caps
  • Beach Bags
  • Button-Down Shirts
  • Dish Towels
  • Karate Uniforms
  • Scarves
  • Socks
  • Sundresses
  • Tuxedo Shirts
  • Union Suites
  • Yoga Pants

And several other items too. Let us dye your shirts or ours a solid color. We love our job and will help make your creation a reality.

Can You Create Intricate And Complicated Tie Dye Patterns?

We are happy to do our best to create the design you want. We love a challenge, and if you have a particular color or pattern in mind, we would like to create it for you. Some tie dye shirts have extremely complicated designs, and there are different techniques involved to achieve them. Some conventional methods for making the perfect pattern is to fold, twist, and rubber band the material. Folds and bundles are one of the essential components when creating a complicated tie dye pattern. Each fold establishes a line in your shirt, and smaller designs require narrow folds, and broader patterns require larger folds.

An excellent tie dye artist will be able to create outstanding designs that will get your garments noticed. Contact us at the Tie Dye Wholesaler and let us help you design the perfect tie dye shirt.

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