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Tie dye shirts are fun and popular among people of all ages. They make an ideal way to create team shirts, company shirts, and many other uses. You can choose a variety of tie dye shirts for men at Tie Dye Wholesaler. We offer a large selection of hand-dyed shirts that we make in the United States. We provide excellent options and special pricing for bulk orders. Whatever your needs, we have tie-dyed shirts at affordable prices.

What Are the Popular Men's T-Shirt Tie Dye Styles?

At Tie Dye Wholesaler, we sell a vast array of popular styles of tie dye shirts for men. We offer shirts in three main categories, including classic, performance, and easy to decorate designs. Our popular classic designs are multi-color options such as swirls and hurricanes, team designs, and graffiti choices, among others. We offer both long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirts, polo shirts, hooded and crew sweatshirts, and more. We offer a large selection of sizes that range up to 5XL.

High-Quality Men’s Tie Dye Shirts

At Tie Dye Wholesaler, we offer a huge variety of tie dye shirts for men that we make by hand in the United States. Every garment matches the design that you prefer but will have slight variations based on the unique technique we use in the manufacturing process. We pride ourselves on making shirts that are of excellent quality. You will find that our shirts are made of superior materials and they will continue to look good after many washings. We have many different pattern choices, shirt types, and products to pick from, so there are sure to be some shirts that meet your needs and your budget.

What is Bulk Pricing?

We offer highly discounted prices for bulk orders. We offer volume discounts for quantities ranging from 100 to 750 or more shirts. The more you buy, the more significant discount you receive. For large orders, you can expect to get a discount of up to 55 cents per shirt. As a leading tie dye shirt manufacturer, we offer the best selection and lowest prices of our competitors. Best of all, we make our products in our home state of Montana and provide jobs for many people. You can get started with your online order by choosing a selection from our catalog, opting for design, and choosing the number of garments in specific sizes. We are happy to assist you with your order.

Place Your Tie Dye Shirt Order

It is easy to place an order online using our secure website. We have many design choices and are here to help you with any questions you have during the selection and ordering process. Once you place an order, we go to work quickly to fulfill the selection and ship your items promptly. We ship to the United States and internationally. Our team is available to answer your questions and assist you with the selection and ordering of your new shirts. Visit our online catalog to get started and place your order today.

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