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Multi-color Hanes tie dye t-shirts wholesale vees are another popular design option that involves mixing multiple colors into a vee shape. Our rasta vee is one of our biggest sellers, but we also have other designs such as the true blue vee that is a mixture of shades of blue. Our pleats are another design we offer at Cotton Creations that you should consider. The pleats are horizontal in design and use one main color that fades into a lighter version. Our patriotic line involves a different mixture of red, white, and blue designs. Our white USA chaos design is a great option because it has a white background that matches well with different types of pants. All of the mentioned designs are available in multiple sizes that range up to 5XL in a variety of shirt and Hanes sweatshirts wholesale styles. At Cotton Creations, we are proudest of the huge selection of Hanes t-shirts in bulk we have to offer to the public.

Graffiti Tie Dye Design Options

At Cotton Creations, we have a graffiti tie dye design option that has multiple selections to choose from. Ombre is one of those selections, and it can be described as a fade out of multiple colors that somewhat resembles a sunset. The vortex selection is a spiral like design that mixes two main colors with white. The nebula selection is great for men and women because it creates a camo appearance. The black and pink nebula design can be helpful in creating a young rock star fashion statement. Needless to say, it is a design that will catch the attention of others. The mirage selection is another popular option, but this design involves a crisscrossing of colors that melt into one another. While this design is good for men and women, men prefer this design.

Raglan Tie Dye Shirt Designs

The tie dye raglan tee design is a classic option that can come in one or multiple colors mixed together. The raglan is a shirt that is good for people of all ages and genders who want to create a casual look. This design is also good for people who are creating a team look for their group. The raglan has the two basic design selections, but the color options are practically endless.

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