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When you buy a new shirt, it’s bright and soft. With time, however, it may fade, overstretch, and lose its initial fit. While it’s a given that your new shirt won’t remain the same with time, how you wear and care for it will determine how long it stays in tip-top condition.

At Tie Dye Wholesaler, we make tie dye garments to fit every style and color. We provide polo shirts, T-shirts, long sleeves, muscle shirts, and tank tops. Our designs are easily customizable, and our customers can choose their favorite design to match the garment they want. For more than thirty years, we've provided clients around the U.S. and Canada with unique and cheap tie dye shirts screen printing services.

Caring for Colored Clothing

Tie dye printing wear come in a variety of colors and should be cared for in the following ways:

  • Wash Like Colors Together – Dark clothes need extra gentle washing. Hence, always separate light clothing and dark clothing before doing laundry. For instance, garments with bright colors such as yellow and orange should be separated from dark colors such as blue or black. In addition, new pieces should be washed separately from others as they bleed easily.
  • Iron on the Inside – Ironing on the outside will cause colors to fade quickly due to the heat. Therefore, iron on the inside to avoid your clothes, having visible shiny marks.

Avoid Using Bleach – Never use bleach on colored clothing as it will leave unsightly whitened spots behind. For stain removal, use a detergent instead.

How to Care for Tie Dye Clothes to Make Your T-shirts Last Longer?

You can ensure your printed tie dye t-shirts stay in their best shape for as long as possible by:

  • Washing Only When Necessary – Frequent washing weakens fibers and makes colors fade faster. Only wash your top when necessary, which is when it gets dirty.
  • Carefully Read the Care Label – This is the label that gives directions concerning methods of washing, drying, and ironing. Some clothes may require hand washing, while others are for dry cleaning only. Following these instructions means that you’ll be giving your garment the best care for its kind of fabric, design, and color.
  • Storing Properly– T-shirts should be kept in the wardrobe folded and lying flat. This keeps them from stretching. Also, with tie dye clothes, avoid drying them in direct sunlight as that will cause them to fade.

How Can You Care for Tie Dye Clothes with Designs?

For tie dye clothing with designs, ensure you:

  • Select the gentle cycle when using the washing machine to avoid agitating the design.
  • Don’t iron on the design as the heat may deform or distort it. Instead, iron it from the inside, using the low heat setting.

Step Out in Style

Some of the tie dye styles you can find at Tie Dye Wholesaler are seaform hurricane, American hurricane, and the sunflower yellow and black swirl tie dye shirt. With more than 200 designs and 20 garment styles to choose from, you can easily find quality yet cheap tie dye shirts screen printing services. Call us today on (855) 819-3126 for more information about our tie dye garments and shipping offers.


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